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4/15(WED)16:00-山本直希(本郷)Chiral symmetry breaking in dense QCD (pptx)
After reviewing the status of the QCD phase structure, we discuss various aspects of chiral symmetry breaking and color superconductivity at finite baryon density. In particular, chiral symmetry breaking is shown to occur at any finite baryon density for three-flavors in a model-independent way. We demonstrate that this fact can be understood from the viewpoint of an interacting instanton ensemble as a four-dimensional generalization of the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition.
5/20(WED)16:00-近藤慶一(本郷/千葉)Recent progress in dual superconductor picture for quark confinement (pdf)
First, we give a gauge invariant definition of magnetic monopole in Yang-Mills theory without matter fields, using a non-Abelian Stokes theorem and change of field variables. Second, we show that the value of the Wilson loop operator is examined using the linking number between the Wilson loop and the magnetic monopole loop (or vortex). Third, we give a first exact solution representing a magnetic monopole loop due to a meron pair with the non-trivial Pontryagin index. In addition, we summarize remarkable results of numerical simulations based on a new formulation: ``Abelian'' dominance and magnetic monopole dominance in the string tension. Finally, we discuss a novel feature in case of the general gauge group SU(N), the representation dependence of the string tension and the string breaking.
5/27(WED)16:00-阿武木啓朗(東京理科)強結合フェルミ系に対する1/N展開とそのクォーク物質への応用 (ppt)
CFL超伝導においてSU(2)xU(1)対称性をもつ非アーベルボーテックスが 安定に存在することが知られている. この非アーベルボーテックスについて, Bogoliubov-de Gennes方程式から出発してフェルミオン構造を議論する. SU(2)のシングレットおよびトリプレット表現にゼロモードのフェルミオンが 存在することを議論して, これらのフェルミオンについてボーテックス上の 1+1次元の有効理論を構築する.
6/10(WED)16:00-大谷宗久(杏林)格子QCDによる核子の一般化パートン分布とクォーク角運動量の解析 (ppt)
一般化パートン分布関数(GPD)は ハドロンの内部構造に関する情報を担う重要 な物理量である. 本講演では, GPDの物理的意義や他の分布関数との関連について概説し, フレーバー数2のWilsonクォークを用いた格子QCDシミュレーションに基づいて 計算されたGPDのモーメントに関する結果を紹介する. これらの結果から得られる核内でのクォーク角運動量に関する解析についても触 れる.
7/22(WED)16:00-兵藤哲雄(東工大)Softening of the dynamical sigma meson
The pi pi scattering is studied in two-flavor chiral models with a finite pion mass to clarify the nature of the sigma meson. We show that if the sigma meson is generated dynamically by the pi pi two-body interaction, qualitatively different patterns of softening from the ordinary case are expected when chiral symmetry is partially restored. Investigating the behavior in the symmetry restoration limit, we find that the mass of the dynamical sigma meson degenerates with the pion and that the coupling to pi pi scattering state is proportional to m_pi. We discuss the possibility of the dynamical sigma meson as the chiral partner of the pion.
11/11(WED)16:00-Rainer Fries(Texas A&M University)Hard Probes in Heavy Ion Collisions: Jet Chemistry and Tomography (pptx)
High momentum hadrons and photons, and their correlations, have been studied at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) as probes of the quark gluon plasma created in nuclear collisions. In this talk I will introduce the idea that so-called flavor conversions, processes between hard probes and the plasma that change the identity of the probe, can lead to interesting phenomena. We discuss the implications of a possible "chemistry" of hard probes and some first experimental data. I will also investigate whether variations in the spatial distribution of the quark gluon plasma leaves measurable signatures in hard probes.
11/16(Mon)15:00-金谷和至(筑波)QCD thermodynamics with improved Wislon quarks at zero and finite densities (pdf)
我々は, 有限温度, 有限密度クォーク系の性質を, Wilson型クォークを用いた格子QCDで解明する研究を進めている. よく用いられているスタガード型格子クォークよりも多くの計算機資源が要求されるために, Wilson型クォークによる研究は進んでいなかったが, スタガード型クォークでは連続極限で現実世界を再現する保証が無く, 格子化誤差を評価して実験データと比較するためには, 連続極限が保証された格子シミュレーションによるクロスチェックが不可欠である. このセミナーでは, 改良Wilson型クォークを用いた有限温度, 有限密度QCD研究を解説する. 特に, ウイルソン型クォークで最初の有限密度シミュレーションと, 2+1フレーバーQCDシミュレーションの現状について解説する.
Jean-Paul Blaizot(Univ. of Tokyo / CE-Saclay)Lecture series by Prof. Jean-Paul Blaizot
--- Quantum Fields at Finite Temperature "from tera to nano Kelvin" ---
Jean-Paul Blaizot(Univ. of Tokyo / CE-Saclay) et al.Discussion session with Prof. Jean-Paul Blaizot
Session I 11/18(WED)
 N. Tanji : Space-time picture of Schwinger mechanism (pdf)
 A. Nishiyama : Kadanoff-Baym approach to thermalization of quantum fields (ppt)
 K. Hattori : Distortion of HBT images by mesonic mean fields (ppt)
 Y. Onishi : Freeze-out dynamics of expanding quantum fields (pdf)
Session II 11/25(WED)
 Y. Akamatsu : Heavy quark and charm propagation in QGP (pptx)
 A. Monnai : Dissipative hydrodynamics (pdf)
 S. Watabe : Stability of superfluid (pdf)
Session III 12/9(WED)
 A. Rothkopf : Heavy quark potential from lattice QCD (pdf)
 J. Noguchi : Wilson loops in AdS/CFT (pdf)
 T. Sano : Random matrix model for chiral phase transition (pdf)
 T. Nakajima : Breaking of replica symmetry (pdf)
 M. Kobayashi : Turbulence in quantum fluids (ppt)

Journal Club
4/24(FRI)16:00-藤井QM2009 report
5/1(FRI)16:00-服部Roy equation analysis of ππ scattering
B.Ananthanarayan, G.Colangelo, J.Gasser and H.Leutwyler
Phys.Rept. 353 (2001) 207-279
ππ scattering
G.Colangelo, J.Gasser, and H.Leutwyler
Nucl.Phys. B603 (2001) 125
5/22(FRI)16:00-井上Energy loss of a heavy quark moving through N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma.
C.P.Herzog, A.Karch, P.Kovtun, C.Kozcaz, L.G.Yaffe
arxiv: hep-th/0605158 (2006)
5/29(FRI)16:00-大西Origins of Bulk Viscosity in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
K.Paech, and S.Pratt
Phys.Rev.C74, 014901 (2006)
6/5(FRI)16:00-佐野Roberge-Weiss phase transition and its endpoint
H.Kouno, Y.Sakai, K.Kashiwa, and M.Yahiro
Large N chiral dynamics
Ann.Phys. 128 (1980) 363
6/19(FRI)16:00-西山Quantum field thermalization in expanding backgrounds.
6/26(FRI)16:00-丹治Hydrodynamic Equations and Correlation Functions
L.P.Kadanoff, P.C.Martin
Ann. Phys. 281, 800(2000)
松井Entropy production in collisions of gravitational shock waves and of heavy ions
S.S.Gubser, S.S.Pufu, A.Yarom
Phys.Rev.D78, 066014 (2008)
10/23(FRI)16:00-渡邊T-matrix approach to quarkonium correlation functions in the quark-gluon plasma
D. Cabrera and R. Rapp
Phys.Rev.D76, 114506 (2007)
10/30(FRI)16:00-大西Time-Dependent Variational Approach to the Non-Abelian Pure Gauge Theory: Its Application to Evaluation of the Shear Viscosity of Quantum Gluonic Matter
Y. Tsue, T.-G. Lee and H. Ishii
arXiv:0902.4752 [nucl-th]
11/13(FRI)14:00-佐野Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of the Staggered Dirac Operator at Finite Temperature
R.V. Gavai, S. Gupta and R. Lacaze
Phys.Rev.D77, 114506 (2008)
12/4(FRI)16:00-丹治Dissipation and Decoherence in Mean Field Theory
S. Habib, Y. Kluger, E. Mottola and J. P. Paz
Phys.Rev.Lett 76, 4660 (1996)
12/18(FRI)16:00-藤井Evolution of fluctuations near QCD critical point
M.A. Stephanov
arXiv:0911.1772 [hep-ph]