2004.2.21 updated
福嶋健二(東大理)Relation between the Polyakov loop and the chiral order parameter at strong coupling
5/7(WED)15:30-日高義将(KEK)Effect of thermal width of pions on the spectral function of the sigma meson
5/14(WED)15:30-二国徹郎(東京理科)Dynamics of Atomic Bose Gases at Finite Temperatures
6/11(WED)15:30-松浦妙子(東大理)Thermal Fluctuation of Gauge Fields and First Order Transition in Color Superconductivity
6/18(WED)15:30-森田健司(早大理工)Hydrodynamical analysis of HBT correlations at RHIC
6/25(WED)15:30-根村英克(KEK)現実的相互作用を用いた s-殻Λハイパー核の構造研究
10/29(WED)15:00-岡真(東工大)Penta Quark theta+ の謎
肥山詠美子(KEK)Energy Weigted sum rule of few-body systems and completeness of Gaussian-lobe basis functions
11/5(WED)15:00-家田淳一(東大理)Bose-Einstein Condensation in Trap Potentials
11/26(WED)15:00-石井理修(RIKEN)Properties of Thermal Glueballs from anisotropic lattice QCD
12/10(WED)15:00-大西一聡(駒場)Mode coupling theory for the dynamic aspect of the chiral phase transition
1/21(WED)15:00-松尾利明(東大理)Nuclear mean-field models and spin-isospin dependences of effective interactions

Journal Club
4/25(FRI)15:00-Fujii Slowing out of equilibrium near the QCD critical point
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The chiral critical point in 3-flavour QCD
F. Karsch et al., PLB 520 (2001) 41
A Study of Charmonium Systems across the Deconfinement Transition
S. Datta et al., hep-lat/0208012
Charmonium at finite temperature in quenched lattice QCD
T. Umeda et al., hep-lat/0211003
5/2(FRI)15:00-Kohama Ginsparg-Wilson Relation and Lattice Chiral Symmetry in Fermionic Interacting Theories
Y. Igarashi, H. So, N. Ukita, Phys.Lett.B 535(2002)363
5/9(FRI)15:00-Matsui Rapidly rotating BEC in anharmonic potential
G. Kavoulakis and G.Baym, cond-mat/0212596
Rotating vortex lattice in a BEC trapped in conbined quadratic and quartic radial potentials
A. L. Fetter, PRA 64(2001)063608
Vortex states of Rapidly Rotating Dilute BEC
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Giant hole and circular superflow in a fast rotating BEC
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5/16(FRI)15:00-Matsuo Coupled Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov kinetic equations for a trapped Bose gas
M. Imamovic-Tomasovic, A. Griffin, PRA 60(1999)494
Generalized Boltzmann equation for a trapped Bose-condensed gas using the Kadanoff-Baym formalism
Quasiparticle kinetic equation in a trapped Bose gas at low temperatures
5/23(FRI)15:00-Nagai Unbound states by analytic continuation in the coupling constant
N. Tanaka, Y. Suzuki, K. Varga, and R. G. Lovas, Phys.Rev.C 59(1999)1391
5/30(FRI)15:00-Ohnishi Kinetic Equations and Time Correlation Functions of Critical Fluctuations
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6/6(FRI)15:00-Ohta Historical roots of gauge invariance
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Gauge theory: historival origin and some modern development
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The velocity of light and the evolution of electrodynamics
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6/13(FRI)15:00-Tsutsumi Finite size effects on Nucleation in a First Order phase transition
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10/24(FRI)15:00-Fujii Hydrodynamic and Sigma modes along the critical lines
H. Fujii and M. Ohtani, hep-ph/0401028. hep-ph/04xxxx.
11/21(FRI)15:00-Matsui Diquarks and Exotic spectroscopy
R. Jaffe and W. Wilczek, hep-ph/0307341
12/5(FRI)15:00-Matsuo Jet Quenchingの話
T. Hirano and Y. Nara nucl-th/0307015, PRL 91(2003)082301 etc
12/12(FRI)15:00-Nagai some comments on the putative \Theta^+(1543) exiotic state
S. Nussinov, hep-ph/0307357
12/26(FRI)15:00-Tsutsumi QCD plasma instabilities and bottom-up thermalization
2/6(FRI)15:00-Terasaki Q^2 Qbar^2 resonances in baryon and anti-baryon system
R. L. Jaffe, PRD17(1978)1444